Plumbing has been my occupation for over 15 years; and during that time I have continued to develop my plumbing knowledge and skills. Beginning as an apprentice and the only employee for an independent contractor, we specialized in high-end residential/commercial remodels.

Even though that was the on-set of learning the trade, and for an independent contractor, I frequently provided plumbing services for some of the most revered sights around Oklahoma City. I even became familiarized with one of Oklahoma's largest heavy industrial underground utility contractors, specializing in Oklahoma Municipal business.

I took my next best opportunity and moved on to the service field, running calls for an in-demand 24-hour company; and in 2012 I became a licensed Journeyman Plumber. Soon after, I was given the opportunity to contract with an out-of-state construction company that had been renovating and reconstructing the civilian housing at Tinker Air Force Base. The original plumber was with the job for the first 5 phases; and I was contracted as the Journeyman Plumber for the final 2 phases.

Upon the completion of the Tinker project, I moved on to work with an established and respected new custom residential and light commercial construction company; and here is where my dedication continues, since 2013.

After a few years of working and learning residential construction, I began to see the potential for personal and business growth in the commercial market; not only to build upon my knowledge, but to be an added resource to utilize, as local hybrid commercial and residential jobs continue to increase. After a number of years, our plumbing company was headed for structural change, so for me to become better equipped to fulfill future business, I accepted the call from the Local Plumbing Union Recruiter offering me a rare pass, over the traditional 5-year program, and I was hired as a buy-in.

In the Union, I excelled through the ranks in one of Oklahoma City's premier industrial commercial plumbing & mechanical companies. My well rounded skill set and eagerness to learn made me a valued team member, in some of the largest commercial jobs possible, short of heavy utility. From the Leadership Square and Bank of Oklahoma in downtown Oklahoma City, to the OU and Deaconess Hospitals: remodels and reconstructions, to completely new establishments, such as the new Oklahoma Christian School in Edmond and the new Astec Charter School, again in downtown OKC, and much more. After a couple of years with the Union, where my skills continued to improve and be valuable, my home company called explaining that the expected structural shifts had taken place and my unique resourcefulness was needed to assist in the transition.

Fast forward to the present day, and it has now been another couple of years; the company has retained a new and improved level of homeostasis; again with shifts on the not so distant horizon, I feel the need to look for a local commercial building contractor that could use a helping hand. My goals are to expand my experience to include local commercial knowledge, and get the contractors and med-gas licenses, to fully serve in that capacity: until I see the next certain window of opportunity or request for necessity beyond my foreseeable outlook.

Thank You for reviewing this brief portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you.